Christian Youth In Action

Christian Youth in Action (CYIA™) is a program designed to train students from 6th-12th grade in effective and engaging ways to teach children about God. Students attend a nine day training school where they learn to present the Gospel clearly on a child’s level, counsel a child for salvation and lead a dynamic club ministry for kids. Components of this club include teaching a Bible lesson, a real-life missionary story and a Bible verse as well as leading songs, games and a fun review time.

After this training, students will return to their local community and teach clubs at various locations with a team of other young people. These clubs take place out in the community with predominantly unsaved kids who don’t regularly attend church. Students will be able to take the light of the Gospel to them in their apartment complexes, daycare centers, neighborhoods, schools and other community locations.

This opportunity will not only equip students for summer outreach in a 5-Day Club® setting, but also for work in churches and other ministries that work with children.

If you have a heart for ministry and want to team up with other young people to reach the children in your community, then CYIA is for you!