Church Partnership


Child Evangelism Fellowship’s 3-fold purpose is:

1. Evangelize children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
2. Disciple children in the Word of God.
3. Connect children to a local, Bible-believing church.

A partner church is crucial to fulfilling that third purpose.

CEF CAN PROVIDE A VBS for your Church. It’s called “5-Day Club”

Each summer CEF trains select Christian teens for 10 days to prepare them to teach children’s 5-Day Clubs. Some participate in the program year after year so  are highly-experienced.  A 5-Day Club is an hour-and-a-half that includes Games, a Bible Lesson, meaningful Songs, a Memory Verse, a true Missionary Story, and a Review Game.  There is a daily Contest to motivate good attendance, memorizing and bringing of friends. After Training School, beginning in July, a group of three teens is available to teach at your church—you choose the week in July or August.


  • A team of trained teen teachers
  • Teaching materials and prizes for the children
  • Printed Invitations to the 5-Day Club
  • Insurance if needed
  • 5 hours of interactive teaching


  • Distribution of invitations to church- and neighborhood-children
  • A daily snack and drink for the kids
  • Follow-up of the children who attend, so that they and their families can grow in your church.
  • Optionally—you may decide to extend the hours to include a craft time and more games using your church volunteers.



Your church can adopt a school through CEF’s Good News Club® program.  Evangelize and disciple children. Introduce them—maybe their entire family—to your church.  This can be a tremendous outreach as your church members along with CEF volunteers pray, help and teach.

Good News Clubs meet once a week after school at local public elementary schools from October through April. (Perhaps just a 6-week Club). Personal follow-up of children and their families can increase your church growth, building God’s kingdom, bringing glory to His name.


  • Access to elementary schools
  • Training for all Club volunteers
  • A source of teaching materials
  • A Lead Teacher for 6 weeks.
  • Insurance coverage
  • Registration forms for a parent to sign


  • Funds for Teaching Materials (approximately $50. for 6 weeks)
  • There may or may not be rental fees, depending on the District.
  • Committed helpers (minimum of 1 adult per 10 children)
  • Follow up of children
  • Advertise: children who attend that school can be missionaries inviting their un-churched friends.
  • A church home for children who attend


  1. Contact Jan Linville 206-618-6456 or Susanne Heath 253-852-4807.
  2. Gather a team with a passion to reach the community through the children.
  3. Start to pray specifically for the school and students.
  4. Invite teens and adults to participate in CEF Good News Club training.
  5. Begin the Good News Club!


CEF is willing to train your teachers–even if you decide NOT to Adopt A School.

You will bless the teachers, the children, the community—even the nation and the world—for generations to come because God’s Word presented to hungry, trusting children produces lasting fruit. Your church will grow in number and in spiritual maturity.  As God works through you, children will be reached, families impacted, and all can grow in grace and in the knowledge of God at your church.

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