Interested in Volunteering with CEF King County?

Volunteer Opportunities

Become a Good News Club™ Helper

Help an in person Good News Club™, and let us have more children come! Be another helper in the room to keep the children focused on the teacher, play games with them, and build relationships that can last a life time.

Host a Good News Club™

All throughout the year, our Good News Clubs™ meet in schools and neighborhoods. You too can host one of these school year clubs. You can help secure a place at your local school for an afterschool program, or you can offer space in your church or home for a nieghborhood one! 

Host a 5 Day Club™

It’s summertime, and that means 5 Day Clubs are happening! Our students who attended Christian Youth In Action™ camp are ready to teach kids; they just need a time and place! Host your own club for your neighborhood and have excellently trained teachers come and teach the children in your neighborhood the Gospel.

Become Your Church’s CEF™ Liaison

Help CEF™ teaching and material get into more churches! You can help in your own church; become our representative to your pastors about who and what CEF is and help organize our free trainings offered to any church. Also help host events for trainings, our summer 5 Day Clubs, and school year Good News Clubs.

Become a CYIA™ Supervisor

Be an example to young Christians interested in ministry. Help guide and instruct these teens in CEF material and practices, even help manage these teens first 5 Day Club. Interview and references required.

Serve on our commitee

Our local committee guides the entire county! Be a voting member of the committee, and weigh in on important discisions. Help with staffing, vision, finances, and more by serving on our committee. Interview and references required.